A good accumulation but undone by a technical hitch!

16 February 2015

Although the skies were brighter towards Tignes we all opted to head into the gloom at the Fornet in search of 20 to 30cm’s of fresh snow on the Pissaillas. We guessed right about the new snow but unfortunately the Cascade chairlift had technical problems and didn’t open, but we did have some great skiing in the Combe du Signal and Grand Vallon before circling back to finish the morning off the Borsat and Familial.

This afternoon Andreas had seven young teens for ‘bumps and jumps’ and they had a wonderful time while I occupied three of the parents. I couldn’t help myself and we ended up off-piste most of the afternoon and we’ve decided to equip the children with beeps for a little ‘taster’ Wednesday afternoon. It should be fun!

The Fornet remain overcast all day, which is great news and a brighter day is forecast for tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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