Wonderful skiing at the Fornet!

17 February 2015

During yesterday’s attempt at the Fornet we learned enough to head straight back up there this morning with the sunshine, and boy what a morning! Andreas and I were first into the 3300 after a little warm-up off the Signal, and it was slightly compacted but excellent none-the-less. Then it was into the Pays Desert behind Chris where the snow must have been between 60 and 80cm’s at the top, but it skied better the lower down where it was steeper and not so deep. Next up was a trip over the Col Pers where the snow was a little more protected and quite outstanding. The only drawback was how many people showed up and after a calm beginning to the morning we needed to ignore the ‘powder frenzy’ as best we could.

Thanks to Pat Z who helped located a ski that was lost by Ruth in Chris’ group. Lots of people skied straight passed her but Pat stopped and found her ski almost immediately. Pat is true professional and gentleman on the mountain, and Chris was grateful for the help.

It was great to have my nephew Wils along again this morning, along with Adam, his son Tom, Stephen S, Adam P, Tony and Jeremy and they make quite a team! I also had a lovely afternoon skiing with Debs and Greg and their daughters Eliza and Zara. They did really well and it was nice to see them again.

Sun is in the forecast until the weekend so we’ll be ‘skinning’ for the next few days as the resort was hit hard today as it’s the busiest week of the season. It’s amazing how many more people turn up when the sun is out!

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