Another good morning while awaiting a fresh canvas!

20 February 2015

After working the boys fairly hard this week we had an easier morning with two short 15-minute ‘skins’, but we did manage to ski lovely snow all morning long. We started off with some great snow while waiting for the Borsat to open, followed by the Rosolin and across the glacier, the Little Borsat West, the Fresse bowl, and the Familial. (See photos) It was Stephen, Tony, Adam P, Adam F and Tom’s last morning of a terrific week and I look forward to seeing you all again the same time next year!

Meanwhile Chris was heading towards the Sachette and Andreas was skiing the steep and couloirs this morning. Doug gave Andreas a little fright when he fell when skiing out of the mouth of a couloir, but Doug managed the ‘self-arrest’ and stopped himself pretty quickly. Well done Doug! I’m not too sure what Thomas was skiing but he had a tough day yesterday when he needed to have a client rescued from Mont Roup with a knee problem. We’ve all had it happen and it’s horrible when someone gets injured, but Thomas did a great job getting the injured person to a safe and easy place for the Pisteurs. Well done Thomas! Thomas didn’t have any phone reception and needed the good old reliable Security Vanoise on our team radios to get in touch with the piste service. (It just shows that the ‘do-it-yourself’ off-piste skiers can’t count on mobiles in case of emergencies.)

The weather is changing and with any luck we’ll have a few centimetres to play with in the morning as we’re expecting a flat-light type of day. Stay tuned!

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