The shutters were rattling in the wind

25 March 2008

In the middle of the night the shutters were rattling in the wind and the chimney was moaning, which meant the wind velocity was serious, and I was thinking we were in for a potential ‘stinker’ in the morning. But around 7AM the wind calmed down a little and the cloud cover was thin giving hope of some decent visibility, and sure enough the visibility was good and improved throughout the day. The wind was still strong enough to keep Tommeuse and the Borsat closed all morning, cutting off our chance of skiing off the Motte and keeping our options to a minimum. Still, the boys did a good job making the best of the conditions on creamy souffle and pockets of compressed powder and it was a really enjoyable morning. We all had off-piste afternoons and fortunately the Borsat opened at 2:20PM with a clean canvas above us and it was one of those rare days when the afternoon skiing was significantly better than what was on offer during the morning. I managed two Funiculars in Tignes and the skiing off the Motte was excellent with lovely creamy snow and some pitches of deep powder that had been protected from the wind. (I have an image of yesterday looming if the light and wind don’t ruin things in the morning.) Anyway, all is good in our world and fingers crossed for a bit of luck in the morning!

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