Five to ten centimetres fell overnight

10 December 2008

Five to ten centimetres fell overnight and we were greeted with light snow falling and flat-light this morning. The worry was that it didn’t snow enough to cover old tracks and with white-out conditions it could have been a tough ski. Instead, some places seemed to accumulate 10 to 15 cm’s and other places the wind helped to smooth over the tracks leaving a nice creamy feel’. To top it off the light wasn’t too bad either and we all had a pretty good day skiing. JM and Oli were up at the Fornet and had some great snow in the Grand Vallon while Andreas, Thomas, and Kristina had some fun on the Arselle before heading to up the Fornet. I skied around Bellevarde before venturing towards the Combe des Lanches via the Borsat Nord. Pietro leaves tomorrow but returns in ten days time while Chris arrives this evening and is dining at Chez Rob Cochran and we all look forward to seeing him tomorrow. Good luck to my darling Millie who has her nativity play at school tomorrow. For the second year in a row she has somehow been cast as an angel, bless her! The round-a-bout near the tourist office is a complete mess as a stage is being built for a ‘Razor-Light’ concert Saturday evening. (I’ve never heard of them but any live music will do). It’s still snowing lightly at 11:00PM and should continue for the next few days.

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