John and Jean!

21 February 2015

We were hoping for a few centimetres of snow overnight but it didn’t happen and instead we had grey skies and a punchy foehn wind. Our options were limited and we (Chris, Andreas and I) all headed towards the shelter of the Sachette where we were protected from the wind and treated to jolly good skiing. (See photos) We also had some decent visibility, which made for a much more enjoyable ski. I’d almost forgotten the wind was blowing until we exited the bubble from Les Boisses and from there on it was rather chilly and getting home became a desired option.

If it had of snowed 5 to 10 cm’s last night I was planning on bringing Millie along but without new snow ‘skinning’ was a must and Millie doesn’t yet have the gear. She so enjoyed her Col Pers the other day that she is now keen on the off-piste, which is music to my ears!

In case you didn’t know Franck Defour sadly died of cancer last week. Franck was a great skier and was a former member of the French Mogul Team, and was a member of Top Ski for 20 years before joining I-Ski. He was a wonderful man and a much loved character who will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him. Franck also played bass in a band and played his last gig a week before he died. Photos of Franck can be found on the I-Ski Facebook Page.

It’s forecast to snow but we’re still waiting. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

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