Clear skies and high quality!

25 February 2015

Yesterday Andreas, Thomas and I had a fabulous ski in Tignes and the quality of the snow drove us all back that way again this morning. Although there were strong northerly winds yesterday afternoon and during the night the snow stood up to the wind and for the most part remained excellent. We all had superb mornings again skiing off the Verte, then the Borsat Nord from the top, next up for Andreas and Thomas was the Chardonnet while I worked my way over to open up our little Col in the Sache, (Andreas and Thomas came that way later), then we all finished up with the Familial. Again it was stunning snow and a cracking good morning! Chris and Henry were also in action today and I’ve no clue what Chris skied and the last I heard Henry was heading towards TJ’s Shoulder in the Tour du Charvet, which I’m sure was a good call.

The only drawback today was the unexpected crowds in Tignes. Yesterday Andreas, Thomas and I skied in total solitude. Beside ourselves we didn’t see another skier off-piste, but today with the sun shining it was bedlam. After a calm Borsat we arrived to a big queue at the Tichot, then another at the Grattalu, and there were so many skiers and boarders hiking up into the Chardonnet I turned around and headed to open the Sache Col instead. Still, we remained patient, but only just, and managed a brilliant morning.

I had some new French clients this morning (see photos) who have had apartments here for 40 and 21 years. It was a pleasure to have them along and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Blue skies are forecast for tomorrow (so don’t forget your ‘skins’) followed by more snow on Friday. Perfect!

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