An absolutely stunning Crete and Mont Roup!

26 February 2015

Andreas and I certainly wanted some peace and quiet after yesterday’s excursion to the metropolis of Tignes, and we both took our groups for a walk. I did the ‘double-skin’ of the mini-Crete du Genepy followed by Mont Roup, and both were exceptional from top-to-bottom. (See photos) I’ve rarely had both so good back-to-back on the same day and it made for a stunning ski, and being alone added to the pleasure. Andreas and Henry both ‘skinned’ to the Col des Fours and they were rewarded with a fantastic descent. I saw Elizabeth in the shop this afternoon and she said, “That was epic, but my legs are jelly!” Meanwhile, Thomas was starting in Tignes with his group while Chris, who is skiing with a team from Hong Kong, took them for a scenic Col Pers. Bravo all round boys!

A little light snow is forecast for this evening and we’ll wait and see what tomorrow brings. Stay tuned!

Sports Report- The English teams aren’t looking too well in Europe, are they? Hopefully the Europa teams will do better!

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