Great skiing into a white-out!

27 February 2015

After an absolutely magnificent day of sunshine and powder yesterday we were plunged into a white-out this morning. Andreas and I headed to the Glacier Pers and up until around 11:30 it was all looking pretty good with just enough visibility and beautiful snow. We ‘skinned’ up with a lovely ambience and the skiing down was brilliant until suddenly the fog rose and we were stuck in it for the rest of the morning, just trying to safely negotiate our way home. It was a cracking good adventure with some excellent skiing, and we certainly made the most of the morning. (See photos) Chris was thinking about the Sache and I hope he didn’t get caught out in similar conditions.

Hopefully we’ll get 10 to 20cm’s before the morning when much brighter skies are forecast, which will make life a lot easier than today! Stay tuned.

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