Sunshine after a foggy start!

28 February 2015

Last night’s forecast was for clear blue skies this morning and when awakening to grey skies and fog I must admit to a bout of temporary depression. After spending one-and-a-half hours in a white-out yesterday I was desperate for an easy morning and there wasn’t a happier man in the Savoie than me when we broke into beautiful sunshine and it was evident that we could stay in the sun at altitude. Jean and I had the pleasure of a lovely ladies team with Patrycja, Michele (who I haven’t skied with since my Top Ski days) and new-comer Jenny. (see photos) We enjoyed a maximum-turn morning with a short 15-minute ‘skin’ and warmed-up off the Verte before skiing the Borsat Nord from the top. Then it was Wayne’s Shoulder twice, the Rosolin with a short ‘skin’ before continuing across the Glacier, then off the Genepy and a Familial to finish. Jenny, who is fairly new to off-piste, skied brilliantly and made good progress during the morning. After 23-years it was great to have Michele along again and the last time we skied together we skied the proper Gros Caval from the Glacier Pers, which isn’t possible anymore.

I was so thankful for a sunny day today but it looks as if we’re in for cloudy weather and snow for the next few days. Skiing in flat-light and snow we can deal with but fingers crossed that we don’t have any more fog for awhile!

Unfortunately the Hammers are down 1-nil at half-time, come on boys!

PS It turned out to be a bad day for the Hammers but my lovely niece Rosie passed her driving test today. Bravo Rosie! And check Facebook for a posting from Japan.

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