My first day off!

01 March 2015

After ninety-one consecutive days I’ve taken my first day off of the season! I’ve been out there day-in-and-day-out in all kinds of weather and if I’m going to miss a morning today is as good as any. It started snowing lightly around 7AM and it’s now dumping it down at 7:45 so hopefully there will be a decent cushion of snow for Andreas who’s alone on the mountain today. Good luck Andreas! I may go out with my girls later but Jean is going to rest up as we’ve a group of strong skiers for the next two weeks. The forecast for the next few days is for quite a decent amount of snow but unfortunately the wind will also be a factor.

I’m looking forward to meeting up with Pav later to watch the rugby and commiserate together about West Hams unfortunate turn in fortunes over the past month. Stay tuned!

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