Boy, how good was that? !!!

03 March 2015

After the hurricane force winds of yesterday it was surprising just how good the skiing was today on the Tignes-side of the resort. The only drawback was a ridiculously slow opening that had everyone frustrated, but once we got going it was all forgotten. It was a ‘maximum turn’ type morning and even with the slow opening we covered an amazing amount of mountain. (See photos)

I had TJ’s cousin Rory with me again today and another of TJ’s cousins Mark showed up as well. Mark and Rory didn’t know the other was in town and they haven’t seen each other for awhile, so it was all a bit of fun. This afternoon I had an off-piste initiation with Gemma and Andy and they both did really well, especially considering they were on skinny piste skis! Bravo you two!

Hopefully we’ll get some fresh snow tonight as a cloudy day is forecast tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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