That was impressive!

05 March 2015

Wind was forecast for today but no one expected 130kph on top of Bellevarde! A hoolie is a gross understatement and as you can imagine everyone’s ‘Plan A’ turned into ‘Plan J’ by the end of the morning. Hats off to all the boys for thinking on their feet and pulling out a pretty good morning and everyone seemed to enjoy the elements and the challenge this morning. (See photos) And bravo Rory for some great skiing in tough conditions!

I skied with Gemma and Andy again this afternoon and took them for a scenic Tour du Charvet via TJ’s Shoulder and a Grand Vallon and I think they’ve seen enough to ditch their piste skis and get stuck in. Bravo!

Sun is forecast for the next few days and the wind should die down but unfortunately a lot of damage has already been done. Wish us luck and stay tuned! (Sorry for the short one tonight as I’m pretty busy)

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