A cracking morning with good snow and great ambience!

06 March 2015

The wind died down overnight and the sun was shining and after the damage done by the storm we all had our ‘sniffers’ going this morning. Chris and I chose the Fornet and after a few turns in the Lower Combe du Signal we headed upstairs where I skied a nice 3300 where we had supporting snow, soft frisset-type snow and some snow that needed to be avoided, while Chris skied the Pays Desert. Next up was the Col Pers, which wasn’t skied yesterday, and it was a good mix of soft souffle, lovely frisset and some patches of slightly stiffer snow, but it all skied well and made for an excellent run. We both finished off with a little ‘skin’ in the Vallonnet, which for the most part was really good and as always was atmospheric. I managed the ‘splat du jour’ award for a stunning ‘park-and-fly’ when I hit a rock at the bottom of the Vallonnet and was ejected out of my bindings, landing a good ten feet from my skis. Of course the group loved it and Jerry may be posting photos. Thanks Jerry! And thank you Jerry for bringing your lovely friend Miranda along, who fit right in immediately and skied really well. (Photos are up)

Andreas and Thomas both went to Tignes and skied a great Chardonnet followed by a trickier Sache, but you can’t go anywhere at the moment without dealing with something ‘tricky’ somewhere en route. They also had a fantastic morning and Andreas was heading up to ski the Col Pers this afternoon as he’s skiing all-day with Jurgen’s team.

The forecast is for wall-to-wall sunshine again tomorrow with extremely high temperatures for this time of year. Stay tuned!

PS We are off to the Pub Moris tonight at 6PM as Andreas is playing ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ with Mike’s band. Rock on!

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