'Sweet Home Alabama' !!!

07 March 2015

It’s getting tougher every day now as the wind has ruined much of the mountain and along with tracks we now have the sun working the sunny expositions. With sun in the forecast I decided to try the Crete du Genepy before the heat ruins it and we managed a pretty good ski. While ‘skinning’ up I knew we’d need to ‘sniff’ hard as it wasn’t good everywhere but we found some great snow mixed with some ‘skiers’ snow that skied well, and the odd sticky patch where we stopped and looked for better snow. (see photos) I was pleased with the outing and although the snow wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped, it was very good for the most part and the rest could have been a lot trickier.

We had an excellent ‘Alpine Social’ last night in the Pub Moris as Andreas made a guest appearance with Mike and Ritchie and played ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. Tansy, Ness and Victor were there to see Dad on stage for the first time and they were extremely proud. There were quite a few Alpine skiers along (25 or so), some with family members and it was a fantastic couple of hours. Bravo Andreas! (See Facebook page) Sorry as I took quite a few photos but with the lack of light and movement many of the people shots didn’t come out very well so I only posted a few and will have missed most of those present.

And Happy Birthday to Jean Ribart, you’re a class act!

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