Great outing but not the easiest!

09 March 2015

I thought about a change of scenery today and headed to the Col des Fours with Chris, and although the snow wasn’t the best we had an excellent outing. It was the first time to the Col for many in the group and besides a jolly good walk the views were fantastic. I had to ‘sniff’ hard to find snow that worked and with hind-sight and being able to look back uphill could guide Chris to the best lines so his team had an easier time of it than mine. We then did the extra short climb to the little Col and had a good ski down from there. (See photos) It was a great morning out in the mountains but being a connoisseur of fine snow I must admit that it wasn’t the best snow I’ve skied lately.

Thomas skied some funky steep slopes in Tignes and ended up skiing down to the lake before walking across the old bridge and hitch-hiking home. Great imagination Thomas! Andreas was up at the Fornet and skied the Glacier Pers with his Norwegian team (along with Derek and Kari) while Henry was going on a recognisance mission to the far side of Tignes. I hope he has good news to report!

More sun is forecast for tomorrow before a cloudy day on Wednesday. Stay tuned!

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