The boys are making the best of the conditions!

10 March 2015

It was another stunningly beautiful day and that’s always a great starting point when people are on holidays, especially when times are tough snow-wise. Chris and I returned to the Glaciers Pers where the snow was pretty good for the most part with the odd sticky patch, and the ambience was enhanced with a Perdrix Blanche and some Chamois on the way out. It was a lovely outing and thanks to Adrian, Ian, Frans and Al for a fantastic lunch at the L’Arolay afterwards. (See photos)

Thomas was skiing in Tignes again with Henry while Andreas went down to St Foy to test the waters. The snow is far from perfect at the moment and Andreas’ team was very happy with their outing with a good mix of snow and no one else around, which always adds to the atmosphere of the Foglietta. Bravo Andreas!

Thanks to Geoff for a fantastic meal last night with stunning wine followed by the Man U-Arsenal FA Cup match. Geoff is a Man U season ticket holder who still invites me along when he knows I’m an-anyone-but-United fan with a soft-spot for Arsenal. Thanks again Geoff and it was great to see Maurice!

A cloudy day without fresh snow is forecast tomorrow before the sun
returns on Thursday. Stay tuned!

PS After beer, wine and genepy at lunch I forgot to mention Frans’ inspirational ‘skier of the morning’ award. Well skied and well done Dutchman!

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