We awoke to fog and low-hanging cloud this morning

12 December 2008

We awoke to fog and low-hanging cloud this morning but it was one of those days when you felt it may be clearer at altitude. Sure enough, we broke through the cloud bank and it was game on for a superb morning of exceptional powder snow. David R, Peter and Clare C, and Tony W all skied their first morning of the season with Andreas and they had a wonderful time to and from the Motte. Clare Campbell has made a giant leap in her technique and confidence and it showed in their team’s tracks, bravo! Chris also started his season in style with John F and his pal Billy, who is a real character and new to ‘Alpine’, along with Paul and Fiona L. My team pleased me immensely today as John and Margaret were brilliant (at 71-years-of-age), Phil did the business, Jean R was cool and calm, and Red Ray was light on his feet. (You can tell I’ve had a few drinks, n’est pas?) It was pretty much a ‘maximum-turn’ session in stunning snow and for example my team skied off the Verte, the Borsat Nord and bits to the bottom, two off the Leisee, one from the top of the Motte where we had a slope of 135-turns, then a Cairn followed by the Familial to finish. It was that type of morning for all the teams. I’m not too sure what JM and Olivier skied with their Ski Club teams but there is no doubt that they had similar outings. Hopefully the sun will shine again tomorrow as there is some great snow a waiting. (Bummer about walking from the cinema to the Gourmadine)

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