A brilliant day enjoyed by all !!!!

12 March 2015

The forecast is for a change of weather with a deterioration tomorrow followed by snow on Saturday so I took the opportunity and headed down to St Foy, for better or for worse. The place is absolutely empty and I’ve never had the Foglietta to myself before, which was a privilege as well as being incredibly peaceful, but the best part of it was the snow was much better than anticipated. We needed to move about a bit on the upper section as it had been hit hardest by the wind, but we did manage to find strips that worked down to about half-way where we put our ‘skins’ back on for ten-minutes to access the slopes toward the Col de L’Argentiere. From there on down we stayed north, the snow improved and we worked our way through some rocks for some nice pitches that make for a terrific finish. We made our bus with about five-minutes to spare and the team of Adrian, Ian, Al, Frans, Paul and I then enjoyed a cracking lunch in the sun at the Hotel Monal. Thanks boys!

Meanwhile Andreas and Thomas skied to Bonneval and they had a brilliant day out. At one point it looked as if the outing would be cancelled due to strong winds at altitude but they had the go-ahead from the helicopter company and continued on. They stayed north and had frisset down to the waterfall followed by spring at the bottom and it was an excellent day out. (Most people are searching for the spring option, which is why I had the Foglietta to myself, and the boys ignored the ‘go-south-young -man’ advice and went looking for winter snow instead. Bravo boys, that’s the ‘Alpine’ spirit!)

Chris stayed in the resort and ‘skinned’ to Mont Roup while Henry skied around the Motte. Well done all round boys for a great day in difficult conditions. Stay tuned! (Can you tell I’ve had a few at lunch?)

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