Lucky Friday the 13th!

13 March 2015

We were lucky enough on Friday the 13th to have a bonus day of sunshine and the boys made the most of it. Thomas and I skied a mini-Crete du Genepy en-route to Mont Roup, and the Crete was still on the firm side as it was much colder last night and with a light breeze it took awhile for some slopes to soften. Mont Roup however was perfect and Thomas, Chris and I all attacked the steep slopes that are always impressive. (See photos) After Mont Roup we had a blast on- piste and had a play in the Familial as the Manchet-side would have remained firm and would not have been pleasant. Meanwhile Andreas ‘skinned’ to the Barmes des L’Ours for a lovely ski with a mix of frisset and spring down towards the bottom, and Henry was off today.

Much needed snow was forecast for tomorrow but it’s starting to look unlikely now. A big snowfall to help us through the rest of the winter would be ideal, but at the moment even 10 cm’s would be gratefully received as most of the mountain is un-skiable. Fingers crossed!

PS Well doneto all the boys for a great week of skiing in increasingly difficult conditions!

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