Great call Andreas!

16 March 2015

We wind was howling this morning and with it being a retour de l’est we all knew there would be much more snow at the Fornet so everyone jumped on the bus and headed into the teeth of the wind. The only problem was that when we arrived the Fornet was closed so the entire team needed to turn around and bus back to the Gourmandine. I was bordering on depression after skiing off the Verte because there was hardly any new snow, one could feel the base, the Borsat was closed, and I was muttering the ‘f’-word under my breath. Andreas wasn’t impressed either and when he suggested skiing the Santon and working our way back to the Fornet my arm didn’t need twisting. We had a good blast down the Santon, then a lovely run near the Mattis (with a good 30cm’s) and to our delight we arrived just as the Signal Poma opened and it was game on for the rest of the morning. In places 50cm’s had floated in and by using the gullies and the lee-side of shoulders our teams enjoyed a superb morning with just enough light to show us the way.

Chris, Thomas and Henry ended up Tignes-way and had great mornings as well. They didn’t have as much snow but did have much better light with moments of sunshine, and that always helps!

Unfortunately my camera battery died so I have no photographic proof of our exploits, but Andreas put up a couple of shots on Facebook. More wind with some snow from the east is forecast through the night and hopefully they’ll get things going on time in the morning. Stay tuned!

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