Tougher snow but still great skiing!

17 March 2015

The atmospheric conditions were similar to yesterday, meaning it was blowing hard with a little light snow falling, but the visibility towards the Fornet was much better than yesterday. Unfortunately the wind had compressed the snow and much of what was perfectly light and deep powder 24-hours previous had become fairly tough ‘skiers’ snow. Still, some slopes were excellent and all the boys enjoyed a great morning. My team skied two Combe du Signal’s from the Pyramid Chair, then two from the top of the Signal Poma, followed by a funky ski down ‘Katie’s Run’. (See photos) Chris and Andreas were skiing the Fornet as well and Thomas and Henry were up there entertaining two teams of Americans from Boston, and I had the impression they were thoroughly enjoying themselves!

It’s been nice having fellow Canadian Blair along these past two days with his daughter Nicola. It’s her first trip to Val d’Isere and she’s loving it, and being a cracking good skier she’s able to make the most of it. I’m hoping the forecasted sun for tomorrow arrives so that Nicola can see the stunning views that so far have been hidden under cloud cover. Stay tuned!

PS It’s also great having Paul Gains back after an 11-year absence!

PSS And well done to Emmett for a ‘skier of the day’ award. Emmett skied all morning with a broken pole, and since he was skiing better with one pole than I would have, I just let him get on with it. Nice one Emmett!

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