Stunning weather, fabulous views and great skiing!

18 March 2015

The promised sun arrived and all the boys had a fantastic morning up at the Fornet. The Pissaillas Glacier survived the wind quite nicely and although the snow was slightly compressed by the wind it skied beautifully and was full of rebound, which is always good fun! Andreas and I had one run in the 3300 then went directly over the Col to avoid the growing crowd on the Glacier and to be one of the first groups in. It was great skiing top-to-bottom and we then circled back around to ski a lovely Vallonnet to finish. Chris is skiing with Tejina and Suzanne while Thomas and Henry are skiing hard in the mornings with their Bostonians before spending most of the afternoon eating in great restaurants. Nice one boys!

The ‘skier of the morning’ award today goes to Dave in Andreas’ group. Dave made huge improvements as the morning wore on and did himself proud. Bravo Dave!

The forecast is for another beautiful day tomorrow, which won’t be too hard to take! Stay tuned!

And thanks to Russell for taking Millie and Katie out skiing this afternoon. Ahhh… the need for speed!

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