Wonderful skiing in Tignes.

19 March 2015

The sun was shining again today and after three days on the trot at the Fornet it was time for a change of scenery. Andreas, Thomas, Henry and I all headed to Tignes to ski spring snow and we all had a brilliant morning as we covered a lot of ground and skied great snow. After some lovely piste we skied the big face of the Tourne a couple of times before going over the Sachette for a mix of winter and spring, before finishing with the Familial.

Meanwhile Chris and Tejina had a great trip to the Col des Fours. Bravo you two!

I’m really excited as Gill and I have booked flights to India for the girls half-term in October. I’m so looking forward to Millie and Katie experiencing the sensual bombardment that awaits them as well as riding camels, horses, elephants, tuk-tuk’s and visiting the tiger park. Mary Anne, who has spent her adult-life building a specialized Indian tour company is organising the trip for us and she personally knows every hotel and restaurant owner that she uses, as well as drivers and the camel and elephant people. Check out her website on www.mahoutuk.com if you have a desire to visit India.

We should have some sun in the morning if we’re lucky before a change of weather on Saturday, when rain in the village is forecast. Rain in the village means snow further up the mountain so rain is a positive forecast!

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