A bit of a bonus day!

20 March 2015

The day started off better than forecast and my plan was to head to the Motte for a change of scenery, but the Motte sector was covered in cloud and Tignes in general was looking a little gloomy so I did a u-turn and skied the Face du Bellevarde piste en-route to the Fornet. I’d wanted to ski the Motte, which would give me a spring/winter option as no one was sure if the eclipse would have an effect on the spring snow coming around, but we the added cloud cover I decided to ski winter snow on the Pissaillas where it was much brighter as well. We ended up doing the ‘desperate Dan’ Pays Desert but the snow quality was excellent and we had a very positive outing as Letitia (skier of the morning), Mark and Kevin all made really solid progress during the morning. Bravo you three!

Meanwhile, Andreas took over from Henry with one of the American groups and took them over the Col Pers for the first time and they loved it, while Thomas was getting the younger ones ‘skinning’ for the first time to Mont Roup. Chris and Tejina ended up ‘skinning’ to the Col des Barmes de l’Ours for great winter snow. Bravo you two! I’m not sure what Henry ended up doing but he was trying to fight off the dreaded gastro at the Gourmandine. Good luck Henry!

It was amazing today how quickly it warmed up after the eclipse. During the eclipse it was gloomy and rather chilly but suddenly the temperature shot up and it was incredibly warm. As for tomorrow, the forecast changes every time you log on, but at the moment we’re expecting partially cloudy skies in the morning, which means some sun, with some rain/snow in the afternoon and evening. Hopefully we’ll get in a good morning before it all hits the fan! Stay tuned!

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