Educational snow but jolly good fun!

21 March 2015

The day started out brighter than forecast and for the second day in a row I wanted to ski the Grande Motte but decided against it at the last moment due to cloud cover and headed back to sunnier skies at the Fornet. Unfortunately what was powder on north facing slopes yesterday had started to ‘turn’ and although very ski-able it was ‘educational’. (See photos) I must say bravo to my team of Patrycja, Ali, Penny, Jean, Kevin, Oli and Vanessa for putting in a great effort leaving ‘Alpine’ tracks in tough conditions. And Vanessa, who is new to off-piste skied her way to a ‘skier of the morning’ award. Really impressive performance Vanessa! Chris and Tejina were also in the neighbourhood and we decided there was no point in going over the Col so we headed to the Col de la Madeleine and try the spring snow in the Arcelle. The first couple of slopes were excellent but fragile after a minimal freeze last night, so we cut back to the piste about half-way down. It was perhaps the toughest morning of the season snow-wise and both the winter and fragile spring snow were educational, but it was jolly good fun and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

I’m not too sure what the rest of the boys skied but they’ll have made the best of wherever they ended up.

Hopefully we’ll receive a few centimetres of snow tonight and have a decent freeze. Stay tuned!

PS Thomas, Andreas and Henry have just finished a great week with some lovely Americans from Boston. It was their first visit to Val d’Isere and I don’t think it will be their last! And it’s now snowing huge flakes after some early afternoon drizzle! (5:35PM)

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