Less snow than anticipated, but good skiing!

22 March 2015

I was expecting 15 to 20cm’s this morning but the new snow must have melted on landing due to yesterday’s heat and moisture and instead there was 5 to 10cm’s. The fresh snow did make a huge difference, cleaning up the mountain, and on the gentler slopes the new cushion made for some lovely skiing. The wind was howling so for the third day in a row I aborted my planned trip to the Motte and instead headed to the Sachette with Chris via the Verte, Lower Borsat, and Lower Chardonnet, and we then finished off a cracking morning with a good Familial.

I took Millie out this afternoon and we tried the Arcelle, which didn’t support so we cut back to the piste after 200 metres or so. We then had a great run in the trees above the Mattis followed by a good run in the Combe du Signal from the top before finishing with a run under the Pyramid chair. The wind was pretty punchy and the snow quality wasn’t a patch on this morning’s, but it was good skiing and fantastic being out there with just Millie.

I didn’t see any rugby yesterday but according to Geoff it was the best day in the history of the 6 Nations tournament. It was a spectators extravaganza with loads of points. I was just happy for the Hammers to eke out a 1-nil win and get back to winning ways!

Sun if forecast for the morning and hopefully we’ll get some snow later in the week. Stay tuned!

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