A first trip to the Fornet!

23 March 2015

I was skiing with a young lad named Alex this morning, who was skiing with ‘Alpine’ for the first time and with the sun shining I took the opportunity to show him the Fornet before the change in weather. The skiing wasn’t the easiest today but we did manage one in the Pays Desert before a trip over the Col Pers, then a Grand Vallon to finish. Alex was suitably impressed with the stunning scenery and outstanding terrain, and said it was one of his best skiing experiences ever. So mission accomplished, even if it was an ‘educational’ morning! Chris and Andreas were in the neighbourhood making the best of the conditions and I’m not too sure what Henry skied today. (Thomas was off today)

I had a technique afternoon with Alex’s Dad Chris and brother Ben, along with Paul G and we had a cracking session, meanwhile Chris was off-piste with Jane Seaford skiing the Pays Desert, and Andreas was introducing a friend of James to the delights of off-piste skiing while checking out the options in Tignes. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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