Brilliant skiing enjoyed by all !!!!

24 March 2015

We were all wondering what to do this morning as it was overcast and we weren’t sure how much direct sun was going to get through during the morning. I decided to head across the Borsat traverse towards the Crete du Genepy and let the feel of the snow dictate the rest of the morning, and with a centimetre or two of new snow the spring slopes felt good without direct sunshine so I knew the morning was going to pan out nicely. Chris came along and we skied a lovely Crete du Genepy and attacked the steep slopes down onto the little lake before continuing on to Mont Roup. By the time we arrived the big spring slopes were perfect and several of my team had never been to Mont Roup before, let alone the steep spring slopes, and they were suitably impressed. Next up was a cracking run in the Arcelle above the little chalet (Snack Bar) before finishing with a run through the Marmottons into the Marmottes on the way home. It was Will and Hannah’s first day with ‘Alpine’ and what a fantastic start to their time with us!

Andreas headed towards Tignes and had a great morning in the Sachette skiing some nice powder up top followed by spring snow the rest of the way. He then skied off the Palafour and the always fun Toothy Rock before finishing with the Familial. Henry was in action but I’m not sure where he skied and poor Thomas was off sick today. It seems there are some gastro problems floating around at the moment, so fingers crossed and get well Thomas!

A little snow is forecast for this evening but with a foehn wind blowing no one is counting on much falling. Still, even 5cm’s would help but we’re in need of much more than that!

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