Some of the best powder of the season!

26 March 2015

I’d had a couple too many glasses of wine with Geoff last night and at 5:45AM I was feeling a little sorry for myself as I looked out onto a gloomy, misty, uninspiring day. But the moment I touched the snow and we could see through the mist my spirits soared and the skiing was absolutely wonderful. It was Gill’s first proper off-piste in over a week and she certainly has her mojo back as she couldn’t believe the quality of snow this morning. Andreas and I started off with a terrific opener off the Laisinant before skiing an outstanding 4-stop Grand Vallon. We then skied an equally good Combe du Signal before heading up to the Glacier for a Pays Desert and Col Pers into the Vallonnet. Chris, Thomas and Henry were all in the neighbourhood and everyone enjoyed a stunning day, even though there was a bit of a frenzy going on once we arrived on the Pissaillas. I must go as I’m pretty busy tonight but the photos tell the story!

PS Merci Didier for the rock warning in the Vallonnet this morning. It all looked good from above!

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