A rather funky morning!

29 March 2015

Last night Ginny threw Henry a fantastic surprise 50th birthday party and it went really well with great company, excellent food, and some lively music. With the hour time-change I left early (and missed Henry dancing) as I was the only one working today. Thankfully Dan Egan showed up for coffee at the Gourmandine this morning and saved me from looking like one of those ‘no-mates’ characters. Thanks Dan! Dan is a great friend of Henry’s from the Boston area who brings clients from America to Val d’Isere every spring, and it’s great to have Dan back.

The forecast wasn’t very good this morning and it was expected to get worse rapidly, so I was very happy to have some sun for most of the morning and decent vis right up to 12:30. It was a rather funky-type morning as we started off with some lovely creamy snow off the Verte for a little tester, followed by another taste of the Jardin du Borsat, all of which led us straight to the Face du Charvet. The Face was excellent with wintery snow on the upper half and spring snow below the cliffs, and it was a cracking result! From there we took the Lower Chair on Bellevarde to ski the Lower Banane and we just got away with that one as it kept us afloat right to the bottom. We then skied the Lower Borsat and meadows en route to my shoulder off the Motte, followed the northern slopes in the Campanules before finishing with spring snow. We skied a nice mix of wintery snow and powder along with spring snow, and for a tough morning it was a good result that left us all pretty satisfied with our mornings work. (See photos)

At 2:30 PM it is snowing hard and we’re expecting up to 50cm’s by the morning. Fingers crossed that the wind doesn’t get up and put a damper on everyone’s expectations. Stay tuned!

PS We didn’t see anyone off-piste this morning, anywhere!

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