A tough, tough morning!

30 March 2015

Radio Val announced 20cm’s of fresh snow this morning but in reality there was a metre on top with a howling wind, all of which led to a slow opening and really difficult skiing. We relaxed with coffee at Les Tufs before going on a short ‘skin’, which had it’s desired effect and triggered the opening of the Funival. Once up top it was blowing a hoolie with deep and humid snow, and it was they type of snow where you might think about borrowing a pair of those ridiculous looking skis some of the kids ride on, but we soldiered on and had a pretty decent morning skiing right to 1 o’clock. Bravo to all who participated this morning!

I took some photos this morning of the village when dropping Millie off for her school bus, and it was absolutely stunning with the fresh snow and street lights. At this stage I had no idea how much snow was waiting at the summit!

I’ve heard everything weather-wise that tomorrow the wind will be worse to the wind will die down and the sun might even make an appearance. Fingers crossed on the latter! Stay tuned!

PS I forgot to mention the tragic avalanche death behind the Col du Montet on Sunday. With these mild temperatures and heavy snowfalls accompanied by ferocious winds we are entering a period where prudence is an absolute must!

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