Difficult but much easier than yesterday!

31 March 2015

After a really tough day yesterday it just had to be easier today, and with some sunshine early on and with a very limited 9 o’clock opening we enjoyed a pretty decent morning. On the upper half of the mountain we skied nice strips of creamy winded snow, and some patches of soft snow about 10cm’s deep that we could leave tracks in. The lower part of the mountain had a slight rain crust that was ‘educational’ and we could ski through it, but for the most part we stayed on the pistes as they were in good condition. Eventually Bonnevie’s Drag opened and we managed two good runs there before it became over-crowded so we ‘skinned’ for 5-minutes to access the slopes between the Mont Blanc chair and Tommeuses. It was challenging but really enjoyable skiing (see photos) so we circled back around for one more run. Unfortunately the weather was moving back in and with the flatter light we returned to the piste as by this time everyone was ready for lunch.

Meanwhile Chris’ team ‘skinned’ up to the top of the Tommeuses Chair and skied down the Familial, which for the most part was really good to excellent. By the time they arrived at the bottom third of the mountain the sun had warmed up the rain-crust making it easier for them to ski through. Well done to Chris and his team for making the most of the day! Thomas was skiing with the Parker clan and Henry and Andreas were also on the mountain. We all skied at La Daille as the Fornet and Solaise were closed, as was the liaison with Tignes.

Here’s hoping that the wind dies down so we can start travelling a little farther afield as the past two days have been as limited as you can get without the resort being totally closed! Stay tuned!

PS 200kph winds are forecast at altitude tonight and it looks like another very tricky day again tomorrow.

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