The fhoen wind this morning was gusting to 100kph

14 December 2008

December 14th.
The fhoen wind this morning was gusting to 100kph and the only lift open was the Funival. It didn’t snow overnight so there was very little to do except stay on piste and do a little technique. I lasted until 11:00, Andreas skied until 11:30, and Chris stayed out until 12:45 with Robert and Caroline, bravo! It’s always worth a trip to the top during these storms just to experience how rough it can be. Oliver and JM have a touring week so they drove down to Ste. Foy to ‘skin up’ in the trees. The station is still closed so they probably had a pretty good time down there. Well done boys! It started to snow heavily during the afternoon and 50 to 80 cm’s are expected towards the Fornet but the wind is forecast to continue through the night and into tomorrow. With the new snow we’ll at least have something to ski if the lifts open tomorrow morning.

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