A long, long afternoon!

03 April 2015

You all know me well enough by now to realise that when there hasn’t been an update that something has hit the fan, and that was certainly the case yesterday afternoon. After a fantastic morning I wanted to show my old friend Jonathan some great powder but unfortunately we became stuck in a total white-out. In the end I got them to a safe place, alerted the Pisteurs and we waited for help. My team of Jonathan, Leticia, Jordan, Andrew, Will and Tess were absolutely brilliant! They never panicked and showed great strength and character, and thought it was a fantastic adventure. They loved the ride in the rat-track and the ski down from the Motte in the dark was an incredibly unique experience with freshly pisted snow and three rat-tracks behind us lighting the way. We savoured three beers while waiting for our taxi and although it was an adventure, honestly it was a type of adventure I could do without.

I must say that the Pisteurs were brilliant! And Robert who came to get us with his rat-track was incredibly skilled and such a nice guy. It was eerie and a little scary driving up in the dark with all the snow blowing about. I skied over to the Motte this afternoon with Paul G loaded with five bottles of nice wine (one each for each Pisteur on duty and one for Robert) to say thank you and they were incredibly nice and appreciative of the fact that we came over. Anyway, that’s why you didn’t have an update yesterday!

I didn’t sleep a wink last night and the only one worse off this morning was Adrian who’d made the mistake of going head-to-head with his brother Derek last night. Good effort this morning Adrian! We enjoyed a brilliant ski this morning skiing the Lower Borsat, the Lower Chardonnet, the Sache, the Campanules and a rather funky Familial. Thomas and Chris skied similar to me while Henry was testing the waters at the Fornet and Andreas was off.

Thanks very much to Andreas for all his help yesterday liaising with the Piste service and contacting SIMS, he was brilliant! And to Pat Z for his help and encouragement this morning, and to Chris, Thomas and Henry for theirs, and to Paul G for skiing to the Motte with a back-pack full of wine! Stay tuned for less interesting news tomorrow! (Photos up shortly)

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