Wow, what a brilliant day at the Fornet!

04 April 2015

At 6:30AM it was looking pretty bleak but by ‘show-time’ there was a light-bulb hanging above the Fornet and for the first time since the storm everyone headed to the Fornet. After a couple of excellent runs on the piste with 10 to 15cm’s of fresh snow my team were the first up the Signal poma, which has been closed for days, and we opened the Grand Vallon. I was staring down into a fog at the top and thought to myself, ‘Blimey’, but knowing I had Chris and Andreas not too far behind we skied into the nothingness. After about 200 metres we broke out of the fog and had good vis the rest of the way and it felt great to be back in the saddle! It was a stunning run and we followed it up with the Combe du Signal, the Col Pers and then another off the Pyramid to finish. Andreas, Chris and Thomas all had superb mornings as well and although we had a few moments of fog here and there the visibility was good to excellent the rest of the time.

This afternoon I skied with Jonathan and his son Jordan, both of whom were on the epic adventure on Thursday, and we had another interesting afternoon as the weather moved in and it started snowing. Still, we managed three in the Grand Vallon and it was a cracking afternoon. (See photos)

Gill and I are off shortly to Memorial Drinks Party in honour of Graham Plant. Graham was a well loved character who spent many years skiing in Val d’Isere, and it will be great to see Carole and many of his friends.

It’s snowing at the moment and we should be in for another brilliant day tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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