Foggy but fun!

05 April 2015

It was looking pretty foggy again this morning and fog is one thing I’m not too keen on at the moment. I followed Chris off the Verte and then into the Lower Borsat and the snow was excellent but the visibility was very poor at times and I was happy to have Chris in the lead. Thanks JC! From there we headed up to the Motte where the upper-half had great light and we profited with three circuits off the Genepy, and the snow was wonderful. Meanwhile, Andreas and Ian opened up the Chardonnet then circled back around to have a go off the Motte. We all had a really great morning and I had Mel and Steve with me for their first ever ‘Alpine’ experienced and they both skied really well and loved it. Bravo you two!

What a fantastic evening Graham’s memorial drinks party at the Cave turned out to be last night. There were so many of Graham and Carole’s friends there and the tributes by Jeremy R and Simon M-H were absolutely brilliant. Both speeches were warm, heart-felt, and summed Graham’s friendships up beautifully. The Cave’s hospitality was excellent with lovely wine and fantastic nibbles and they played their part in a wonderful gathering. Well done Carole, Simon and Jeremy!

The sun is forecast to return tomorrow so we’ll all probably ski north facing slopes before turning to spring snow in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!

PS Photos to come later.

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