Bring on the sun!

07 April 2015

The sun was shining brightly again today and although it was warmer than yesterday there was still a chill, and true spring snow will take a little more time except at lower altitudes. With that in mind Chris and I headed to the Glacier Pers and had a fantastic ski in cold winter powder with the place to ourselves. (See photos) Meanwhile Andreas and Ian had a great run in the Lower Lavachet followed by a lovely run in the Sachette Couloir, and I didn’t see Thomas or Henry this morning. After a tough weather of late it’s been wonderful to have the sun back and it was a terrific morning.

Gill and the girls had a great time this morning skiing with Pietro, Sue, Ben and Lorenza and Pietro was well happy to have the morning off and let Gill do the guiding. Pietro is really missing the place and hopefully we’ll see more of him (and his family) in the future.

I skied with Deborah, George and the birthday boy Jacob this afternoon and we had an excellent initiation to off-piste session in nice winter snow. Happy 21st Jacob!

And thanks to Ray for buying us all lunch at the Burger Bar!

I’m really busy at the moment and the girls head back to England on Thursday so that’s it for today. Stay tuned!

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