Poor Katie!

10 April 2015

Last night was much warmer but we still had enough of a freeze to crack on with an absolutely brilliant morning of spring skiing on big slopes. Chris and I started off with an excellent Face du Charvet, which was spot on top-to-bottom. Next up was a 15 to 20-minute hike up the Charvet ridge for a long perfect pitch that was steep, clean and just the right texture and it led down into the Mont Blanc Couloir. Chris’ binding broke at the top of the Charvet ridge and he needed to walk back down so I had to take his clients along with mine down through the Mont Blanc and Jan from I-Ski was wondering what I was doing with so many people! Anyway, I continued on with my group of nine for a little ‘skin’ and a great run down from the Col de la Madeleine before Chris caught us back up with repaired equipment at the top of the Manchet chair. We then finished up a wonderful morning with an adventurous Marmottons into the Marmottes as the exit was steep and rather exciting.

Meanwhile Andreas was having a ‘Couloir Morning’ in Tignes with Derek, Peter and Walter. I’m not too sure where they all skied (radio break-up) but I’m sure it was steep and I did hear Andreas say they’d had a great morning. Our friend Walter from Texas is having a fantastic time with his Val d’Isere/Tignes introduction and has had two stunning mornings on the trot! It turns out that Walter has skied at Whitewater outside of Nelson, which is owned by my old friend Andy Kyle, just to remind you of how small the world can be.

I just phoned England and spoke to Millie who reports that Gill and Katie are at the hospital and it looks as if Katie has broken her heel. She took a huge jump on her last day and obviously wasn’t kidding when she said it hurt! Poor sausage.

I skied with Tim this afternoon and we skied the Marmattons/Marmottes followed by two in the Grand Vallon before finishing with the Solaise piste, which is more fun in slush than it is in ice!

It has clouded over now but I’m hoping for a good freeze and sunshine tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS I’m a happy chap as the Calgary Flames have qualified for the NHL playoffs for the first time in about 12-years. Go Flames!

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