Another brilliant morning of big slopes and great spring snow!

11 April 2015

It was cloudy at 6:30AM and a little disappointing as I looked out the window but by 8 o’clock the skies had cleared, the optimism levels rose and we enjoyed another fantastic morning of spring skiing. I skied the Face du Charvet, the Super Santons, the Campanules, one off the Genepy, one on my shoulder, and the Familial to finish. Andreas started with the Face as well before skiing the Table d’Orientation, then he skied similar to my team, while Chris skied the Tourne and Sachette.

This afternoon Tim and I skied the Combe du Signal before having a little ‘skin’ in the Pays Desert.

It turns out Katie’s heel may not be broken and for the moment she isn’t in plaster but has crutches.

It clouded over this afternoon and even snowed a few flakes up at the Fornet but what we really need is a clear night and a good freeze as sun is forecast again for tomorrow. Either that or 15cm’s of fresh snow, but that’s not going to happen! Stay tuned!
And come on you Hammers!

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