Happy birthday Gill!

12 April 2015

I was alone on the mountain today and thankfully it was clear overnight and we had a good freeze. It was Walter’s last day so I decided to take him for his first-ever ‘skin’ and we ended up using them three times! First up was a quick Crete du Genepy to access the steep slopes above the pond, and the snow was exquisite. We then headed for Mont Roup, which was excellent as well but we certainly didn’t want to be much later. Then a short ‘skin’ to the Col de la Madeleine, which turned out to be very good indeed and much better than anticipated, and we finished up a great morning with a Marmottons/Marmottes.

This afternoon I had a terrific ski with Tim up at the Fornet. We skied into the Vallonnet and back onto the big slopes leading back into the Grand Vallon twice, and managed a nice powder shot after a short skin. (See photos)

And a big happy birthday to my lovely wife Gill. I hope you’ve had a great day and brilliant lunch at your Mum’s!

More good weather is forecast and as long as it keeps freezing we’ll have good skiing. Mind you half the Face du Charvet disappeared yesterday afternoon as it avalanched, and some of the important strips in the Super Santons and Tour du Charvet are melting rapidly, so our options will narrow with each passing day, but it’s still cracking good skiing!

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