East facing slopes are starting to drop!

13 April 2015

The weather has been absolutely stunning and it was so hot at lunchtime that I ate on my terrace in shorts and a vest. Fortunately we’ve been getting enough of a freeze to profit from the spring snow and this morning was no exception. My team started off and skied a great run in the Super Santons before hiking up the Charvet ridge for a fantastic trip down the big slopes into the Mont Blanc Couloir. Thomas and Muriel started with the Santons, then a Face du Charvet and caught us up in the bottom of the Mont Blanc before we all skied the Col de la Madeleine and Marmottons/Marmottes together. It was nice to see Muriel out enjoying herself as she’s been a full- time new Maman again this winter. Meanwhile, Chris and Andreas had a great morning in Tignes around the Palafour, Tourne, Sachette, and Toothy Rock.

The rotten dangerous snowpack that kept us cautious all winter is starting to show itself again over the past few days as the Face du Charvet, Mont Roup, above the Borsat traverse, and above the Familial traverse have all avalanched and for the most part right to the ground. All these slopes have an easterly aspect and have slide from around noon on. We’ll need to be careful and be on time or even slightly early, because once the support layer goes there will be danger lurking.

Stay tuned for more sun over the next few days!

PS Thanks to Laura for a wonderful evening last night with Bridgette, her lovely daughters Ghiselle and Isadora, her husband Mark, Richard F, and John and Margaret. Giles would have been very proud of his beautiful girls!

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