Ahhhh Jean!

14 April 2015

It was slightly warmer last night resulting in a weaker freeze, which made us all think a little about what was possible. In the end the freeze was plenty good enough and I opened up with a brilliant Face du Charvet, which now has the added ambience of crossing over the avalanche that goes all the way to the valley floor. Impressive! Next up was an excellent Kern before we headed to Tignes to ski a very good but modified Tourne and a terrific Toothy Rock. We finished off a fantastic morning with a surprisingly good and clean Familial.

Meanwhile Chris took his team to Mont Roup for a fantastic ski and they finished off around the Manchet, while Andreas had an adventurous hike and ski up to the Col de la Calabourdane and on to the Col des Fours. Bravo boys as everyone had a serious think because of the lack of freeze and decided to go ahead and everyone made a good call and found great skiing! (Thomas was on piste with Derek’s family)

Unfortunately our wonderful morning came with a casualty as Jean dislocated his shoulder again on the way into the Charvet. What a bummer as he’s had such a brilliant season. In November he was worried about his knee and asked me to take him out of the planning as he was going to only ski with good light a perfect snow. He’s ended up skiing almost every day of the season, rain or shine, perfect snow or ‘educational’, and he’s never skied better. He’s been so enjoying our spring run of big slopes and we’ve skied some new places as well and it’s such a shame he’s injured himself. We’re all going to miss you Jean and look forward to you being strong again for next season!

More sun and perhaps a weaker freeze are forecast. Stay tuned.

PS I thought my left boot felt a little wonky today and sure enough all the rivets had come undone and my inner boot is almost torn in half. Thomas has tightened it all back up and good old Wilkie is going to refoam my boots for me. Thanks boys!

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