Another hot and sunny day!

15 April 2015

The sun continues to shine and we had another great day of spring skiing. Chris and I skied the Face du Charvet and the Kern before ‘skinning’ up to the mini-Crete du Genepy. It was all excellent and we finished off a lovely morning with the Marmottons/Marmottes, which was a little rough but beat the piste. Meanwhile Andreas ‘skinned’ up higher in the Crete du Genepy and then skied the Col de la Madeleine.

I skied with Tim again this afternoon and we had a good ski up at the Fornet.

Katie had a scan and her heel isn’t broken but it’s still very tender and giving her problems and isn’t able to do a lot, while Millie asked to be dropped off at the golf course after school yesterday and hit three buckets of balls and practiced her chipping and putting. She was well pleased with herself and could hardly wait to tell me. Bravo Millie and get well soon Katie!

We may get another nice day tomorrow before some rain and perhaps a little snow move in. As much as we’ve all enjoyed this marvellous weather we really could use some snow to tidy up the Fornet and Arcelle sectors, which are pretty rough for the most part. Stay tuned!

PS Well done Derek for bringing Walter and Pierre along. It’s always fun to introduce new people to the joys of our wonderful domain. And we missed you Jean!

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