Our stunning wather comes to and end!

16 April 2015

It was +5C and overcast this morning in town and it was also forecast to rain during the morning. Fortunately the rain stayed away, the freeze was better than expected, and the snow managed to soften to a nice texture with very little sunlight getting through. Chris, Andreas and I all skied the Sachette and Familial and the skiing was actually jolly good.

I had another good afternoon with Tim and we skied one in the upper Arcelle and one in the upper Marmottons before cutting back to the piste, then we finished off with some technique.

It snowed a little this afternoon and with any luck we’ll get enough snow tonight to make a difference. Stay tuned!

PS And the Calgary Flames scored with 29 seconds left on the clock to beat the Vancouver Canucks 2-1 in Calgary’s first play-off appearence since 2009. Yahoo!!!!

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