Expected powder but skied lovely spring snow!

18 April 2015

Chris and I headed up to the Fornet expecting 20cm’s or more of fresh snow but arrived to find only a few centimetres, and instead of skiing powder we enjoyed a great morning skiing spring snow. We had a little sun to start with but the clouds rolled in quickly and the vis was in-and-out, but plenty good enough to operate and ski comfortably. We skied a few in the Pays Desert and a couple in the 3300, but the freeze was minimal and staying high was a must.

I had a fantastic afternoon skiing with Michele and her son Cassius, along with Anna and Ellen Green. The sun came out and we skied hard all afternoon off the Marmottons Express.

I seem to be having trouble with my photos link and personally can’t see them, and I know Jean can’t either, but Richard F can. Weird! Anyway, I’ve posted some and they are accumulating on the Photos of the Day, much like on the April 2015. I can’t get in to them but think the lastest ones will be last. Hopefully it will be sorted soon but I haven’t a clue what to do. Any suggestions?

I’m off to watch Chelsea and Man U at the Pacific and stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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