+6C at 8AM, but still great spring skiing!

19 April 2015

It was +6C and partially overcast this morning, so Chris and I were going to head to the Grande Motte for a guaranteed freeze and support. But the Motte sector was shrouded in cloud and with sunshine over the Aiguille Percee we changed our minds and ended up have a brilliant morning with beautiful spring snow, and pretty good support considering the warm overnight temperatures. We skied a mini-Tourne, a fabulous Sachette, some bits-and-pieces and finished off with a really good Familial. (See photos although I can’t see them and organize their order. Everything is going into the Photos of the Day file and not being moved into the April 2015 file)

This afternoon I skied with Michele and her son Cassius and we had a fantastic ski. We introduced Cassius to spring snow off-piste until the freeze disappeared then we skied dynamically on-piste. He’s a cracking good little skier at 7-years-of-age and a Hammers fan as well! Bravo Cassius!

Jean Marc and Andreas are off on a week- long tour and are staying in the Refuge des Fours this evening. Andreas reports light snow falling at the refuge and it’s now drizzling in town so we should all have some fresh snow in the morning. Yahoo!!!

Katie is still hobbling about on crutches, which is a real bore for her. I’m hoping she’ll be able to start riding soon while Millie has taken herself to the golf course 4 times in the last week! Good girl! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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