Good freeze, great skiing!

20 April 2015

It was much colder last night and we had a good freeze, which set us up for a fantastic morning of spring skiing. My team started off with the Kern, followed by the Super Santons, and then another Kern. From there we ‘skinned’ to the mini-Crete du Genepy before finishing off with the upper section in the Arcelle and a good piste blast. The snow was excellent and for the most part we could really work our skis on it, with the odd patch down low where a little finesse did the trick. Meanwhile, Chris ‘skinned’ to Mont Roup and finished with the Vallonnet and his team enjoyed a cracking morning as well. (See photos, thanks Jean as I’m using Crome now)

I skied the Vallonnet into the Grand Vallon this afternoon with Paul and I must say it is superb in the afternoons. I’m going to try and recruit some skiers for a session tomorrow afternoon as it’s forecast to freeze tonight with sunshine all day tomorrow. And this type of weather will certainly help JM and Andreas on their tour. Good luck boys!

PS And Happy Birthday Tony W !!!!

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