Wow, spring skiing doesn't get much better!

21 April 2015

It was two degrees warmer this morning, which meant we needed to get a move on to ski the Face du Charvet. Over the past ten days the Face has been stunning and even more atmospheric than usual as you traverse above the big slab avalanche that went top-to-bottom. The big slide as kept people away, leaving the snow pretty ‘clean’ and making for some terrific skiing. From there we skied an excellent Kern, followed by a fantastic run towards the cabin off the Borsat traverse, then a brilliant Col de la Madeleine into the Super Arcelle, followed by a blast down the ‘L’ to finish. It was a wonderful morning of ‘classic’ spring slopes and it was nice to have Henry’s team ten minutes behind us all morning. Meanwhile, Chris had a fantastic morning skiing spring slopes in Tignes, including the always faithful Sachette.

After lunch on the terrace at Les Crozets Paul, Dave M and I skied one run in the Grand Vallon before having a belter down Oh My!, which I haven’t skied in ages. The snow was perfect at 2:45 and it was a real treat as it’s a bloody impressive slope. Bravo boys!

Andreas and JM will be back in communication tomorrow as their next hut will have a signal. The weather has been perfect for them and I’m sure they’re having a great time.

Katie is off to the fracture clinic this afternoon for her heel. Good luck sweetheart!

More good weather is forecast for tomorrow with a slightly lighter freeze and warmer temperatures, which will alter our timing and options, and we could see some rain/snow on Thursday and Friday. Stay tuned!

PS I forgot to mention that Thomas is in Switzerland touring with Olivier.
Good luck to you tow as well!

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