Tignes for a change of scenery!

22 April 2015

It was slightly warmer overnight and the sun was blistering hot so I gave the Face du Charvet a miss and headed straight to Tignes with Henry for another brilliant morning of clean spring snow. After ‘downloading’ to avoid the dreadful piste we skied a wonderful Tourne, which was absolutely perfect. Next up was a stunning Sachette, followed by some bits-and-bobs before an excellent finish with a Funky Familial. It was a pleasure having Henry along for company again today and his brother- and sister team of Andy and Sarah had a great time. It was another fantastic morning and I’m gob-smacked with the quality of snow, the fabulous weather and the terrain that we’ve been skiing over the past few weeks. Spring skiing doesn’t get much better and after a long hard season I must say I’m still thoroughly enjoying myself.

Meanwhile Chris was en route to ski the Col des Fours but changed his mind due to the heat and instead ‘skinned’ to the Gros Cavel and then walked out through the summer path above the gorge. (Check out his photos on Facebook)

JM and Andreas should be back in communication tonight and Andreas will probably put an update on the Facebook page so look out for that.

We’re not too sure what’s in store weather-wise but we’ll be ready in the morning. Stay tuned and bravo you Flames!

PS I’ve just heard from Tansy who reports that Andreas and JM are having a great tour with excellent ambience within the group, and they’ve skied the Mean Martin and the Sana and are planning to finish with the Col on the Grande Casse. Well done boys! So far I’ve had no news from Oli and Thomas who are in Switzerland.

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